What can Krogerus do for you?

We pride ourselves in fostering a team spirit that brings out the best in our lawyers.

We want you to come to work feeling that you are valued and can make a hands-on contribution to making our firm even more excellent.

What you get in return is our commitment to make you the best practitioner in your field. On a practical level, this means we will provide you with hands-on training and give you the maximum level of responsibility that you are ready for. We foster an informal atmosphere that supports the development of close working relationships among all of the people who work at Krogerus.

We have a firm belief in diversity, which means there is no such thing as one single type of Krogerus lawyer. However, the general characteristics we look for are analytical ability, ambition, business sense, and strong interpersonal and language skills.

We continuously accept applications from both recent and soon-to-be graduates, as well as from experienced lawyers.

Open positions

We kindly accept applications for lawyers on an on-going basis and encourage you to complete our open application form. Feel free to give us your details. We will contact you if an appropriate position is available.