Article 4 April 2023

Krogerus Disputes Day 2023 gathered experts to discuss sustainability, compliance and corporate crimes

Krogerus Disputes Day was organised on 21 March in Little Finlandia for the first time. The conference engaged our guests and speakers in a lively discussion about overarching sustainability and ESG requirements and, on the other hand, the occurrence and prevention of corporate crimes. We would like to thank all our speakers and guests for a great Disputes Day and interesting discussions!

"The purpose of the conference was to extend our Dispute Resolution teams' daily discussions about current trends and phenomena to our external stakeholders, and to bring together talented individuals from different sectors to share knowledge related to mitigating, avoiding, and resolving disputes. After all, it is extremely important for us dispute lawyers to stay on top of current trends and to even predict their next wave to be able to best assist our clients," summarize our conference hosts and Dispute Resolution practice's partners Kirsi Kannaste and Thomas Kolster.

Krogerus' Disputes Day 2023
focused on corporate crimes and compliance incidents, that not only play an increasingly important part in our dispute resolution practice but also relate to the broader ESG and sustainability movement. There is an ongoing change in sustainability and compliance related legislation, that increases companies reporting responsibilities, where the EU's CSR-directive is only one of the latest examples. The legislative changes make the theme of our Disputes Day particularly topical since many companies are already affected by them or at least preparing for them.

Compliance as a problem solver and mitigator of corporate crimes

Many of the speeches and panel discussions of the day called for a positive change in how companies approach compliance to enhance the prevention and mitigation of corporate crimes. Compliance should be viewed as a problem solver and enabler of good and informed business decisions, rather than viewing it only as a cost or mandatory function. The discussions of the day encouraged companies to accept compliance as a permanent and ever-changing part of companies' operating environments.

Krogerus Disputes Day will be organised again next year

We are already excited to start planning Disputes Day 2024, which we will release more information of later this year. In the meantime, you can subscribe to our mailing list to receive more information about Krogerus' webinars and events.

See you next year at Krogerus Disputes Day 2024!

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