Highlight 29 January 2013

Checkmate! The firm hosts its annual Krogerus Chess event at the Finnish National Theatre

On 24 January, the firm hosted its annual Krogerus Chess in the event facilities at the Finnish National Theatre. Among the players was internationally renowned Tapani Sammalvuo, who played a simultaneous exhibition against 20 players.

Mr Sammalvuo has been twice crowned the Finnish national chess champion (1998 and 2005). His book The English Attack (Gambit, 2004) explores a popular method to attack the Najdorf Sicilian, one of the key battleground moves of modern chess.

Krogerus is a proud corporate sponsor of the Finnish National Theatre.

Founded in 1872, the Finnish National Theatre is the oldest Finnish-language professional theatre in the country. Programmes focus on contemporary Finnish drama, and also include classics and modern international drama, as well as performances for children and young audiences.

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