Highlight 23 March 2012

Krogerus begins co-operation with the Finnish National Theatre

Krogerus is proud to announce that it has initiated a three-year partnership agreement with the Finnish National Theatre. The theatre’s other company partners include Fuijitsu, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company and Heinon Tukku.

“We are privileged to join efforts with this pre-eminent cultural institution,” comments Olli Sotka, head of marketing and communication at Krogerus.

The partnership allows Krogerus to receive significant visibility in Finnish National Theatre communications. “In return, we will benefit from the theatre’s multifaceted performances and facilities, which we will use for both client functions and internal firm use.”

The Finnish National Theatre also welcomes this partnership. “It is a pleasure to align ourselves with a frontrunner in the legal field that understands the value that a cultural institution can bring to their traditional business operations,” comments Auli Turtiainen, marketing manager, Finnish National Theatre.

Sotka added that the two organisations have many themes in common, making partnership beneficial for both parties. “Like Krogerus, the theatre is committed to maintaining its role as a dynamic organisation that is dedicated to excellence. This alignment is an ideal means for us to maintain our high-profile presence and work towards shared goals.”

The Finnish National Theatre, founded in 1872, is the oldest Finnish-language professional theatre in the country. The institution acquired a permanent home in 1902, when it erected a theatre in the heart of Helsinki. This majestic structure is one of Finland’s most impressive national monuments. Programmes focus on contemporary Finnish drama, but also include regular classics and modern international drama, as well as performances for children and young audiences.

In 2012, the theatre received the Best Theatre in Finland award.

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