Highlight 11 March 2010

Antti Lehtimaja joined Krogerus as new head of Tax Law group

Attorney-at-Law Antti Lehtimaja joined Krogerus as the head of the Tax Law practice group in November 2010.

Mr Lehtimaja has previously worked in the Finnish Tax Administration and as a tax specialist at Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd. His responsibilities include all tax issues concerning international and domestic mergers and acquisitions. He is particularly well-known as an expert on the taxation of private equity transactions.

Ms Katri Joenpolvi, Head of the Corporate & Commercial business area, is very happy to see Mr Lehtimaja as a member of the team at Krogerus. “Antti strengthens especially Krogerus’ tax practice in the field of transaction structuring. He has an impressive track record of handling complex and challenging assignments for his previous employer. Antti is a valuable asset both in developing our independent tax practice and in assisting our M&A group as a tax specialist.”

Mr Lehtimaja accepted Krogerus’ offer with pleasure. “In recent years, Krogerus has significantly grown and become one of the most notable Finnish law firms that engage in mergers and acquisitions. My new position as the head of the Tax Law group at Krogerus gives me a unique opportunity to apply my expertise and cultivate a tax practice that is famous for the genuine added value it brings to its clients.”

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