Article 23 February 2024

"It is a thrill to see an M&A transaction move all the way from the initial high-level discussions to closing"

I found my way to Krogerus directly after graduation. I completed my trainee period at Krogerus during the previous summer, and when I got my diploma from the University of Helsinki, I was already working full steam as an M&A associate.

Prior to my trainee period, I had not set my mind on becoming an M&A lawyer. I only knew I wanted to work in a field related to corporate law. However, during the summer as an Associate Trainee I became fascinated by the fast-paced M&A world. It is a thrill to see an M&A transaction move all the way from the initial high-level discussions to closing. There are several work streams that must work together under a constant time pressure to keep the deal moving. It quickly became clear that getting a deal over the finishing line requires a lot of focus and teamwork. Accordingly, it is crucial to have amazing colleagues who are ready to support you with any questions you might have. However, it is also equally important to have colleagues who have the time to stop for a coffee or lunch to talk about anything but the current project. Our team at Krogerus offers both and it is a great place to learn and develop as a young lawyer.

Although I started my career through the trainee program like most lawyers working at Krogerus, my journey to become a lawyer started less conventionally in London. After high school, I enrolled in the LLB programme at Queen Mary, University of London and spent three years in London. I have always thought that my studies abroad provided an excellent starting point for the career of an M&A lawyer, which often revolves around cross-border transactions and international clients. My experiences in London also encouraged me to apply to the LLM program at Columbia Law School in New York after a few years of practice. The LLM year provided a great insight into the legal system in the US and was a great way to get to know colleagues from all over the world. The year culminated in the New York bar exam, and I am now in the process of getting admitted to practice law in New York.

If I had to give advice to my younger self on whether to apply to study abroad, it would be to absolutely go for it. Time spent abroad is extremely valuable and I am grateful to Krogerus for supporting me with the LLM year. The typical M&A transaction involves parties in two or more different countries, and the skills you learn abroad will help you communicate with the different parties and manage the transaction process more effectively. It generally helps to have some context and prior knowledge of the legal systems in which the clients usually operate. Also, spending some time off the most obvious path is good preparation for becoming an M&A lawyer. Working with M&A transactions means that you are constantly faced with problems that require a certain level outside the box thinking, and doing things differently is a good way to practice that skill. If you ever get the chance to spend some time abroad, my advice is to just jump at it.

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