Article 22 June 2023

"The best part of my job is my colleagues who perfectly balance professionalism with their own witty sense of humour."

I joined Krogerus in 2021 as a Knowledge Management Trainee. In addition to my legal studies, I had already graduated as a social psychologist and gained experience interning in various generalist roles within data and AI. At Krogerus, I wanted to find out whether the field of business law would spark my interest (in no time, it did). In our Knowledge Management team, I had the opportunity to work with different practice areas, which was enlightening as it provided insight into all types of work conducted within the firm. In 2022, I took the opportunity to participate in another trainee program in our Technology, Data and IP team. I really enjoyed the hands-on experience and was glad to be offered a chance to stay on as an Associate after graduation.

Today, I realise that my interest in the subject areas of my practice group had emerged already during my studies in social psychology. I am now specialising and giving advice in assignments relating to data, intellectual property, commercial contracts, technology, media, and consumer protection. However, I personally think that there is a lot of room for a certain generalist approach in our profession, too. Legal issues rarely exist in isolation, and there is great value in being able to bridge different disciplines. The transition to the new role has been gradual since trainees are already actively involved in the team's work. Even though I was already given responsibility during my traineeship, I've experienced a greater level of ownership over my work now as an Associate. Therefore, a new mindset has developed with the new role.

I have been working at the firm for almost two years now, and I've felt welcomed from day one. The best part of my job is my colleagues who perfectly balance professionalism with their own witty sense of humour. Further, I believe in continuous learning, and it has been encouraging to see that our firm provides an excellent environment for professional growth, which I have discovered not to be only about constant activity or doing, but also about commitment to active listening, fostering meaningful interactions and staying curious. I am happy that all these things are valued at Krogerus.

For those still contemplating their future paths, my advice is simple: don't overthink it. Just start doing something, anything that might be of interest. The answers will reveal themselves along the way.

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