Article 4 October 2023

“I enjoy my work the most when I get a new challenge to tackle.”

Towards the end of my studies, I was looking for a job and noticed that Krogerus was looking for a Legal Assistant trainee. The trainee programme was six months long and at the end of it I was offered to continue working as a Legal Assistant. I gladly accepted the position and worked for the Banking and Finance practice group for four years. The best things about my job as a Legal Assistant were as varied as the job itself: getting to help the lawyers in my team in a concrete way, the Friday morning breakfasts, and playing Pictionary during the Banking and Finance coffee break.

I am now working as a Compliance Specialist at Krogerus, while simultaneously studying for my MBA in sustainability and social responsibility. I got the opportunity to work with Compliance issues full time, after I showed my great interest in the topic, as I had worked with our KYC process when I was in my Legal Assistant role. Having worked as an assistant definitely helps with my current role, as I have gained a deeper understanding of Krogerus as an organisation and can reflect on my work from the perspective of two different positions.

The opportunity to improve myself every day inspires me as I enjoy my work the most when I get a new challenge to tackle and learn something new. In my current role, I find it motivating to see the concrete impact my work has on our compliance activities and on applying different compliance-related laws and regulations.

I feel that it is my and our support team’s job to enable our lawyers to focus on what’s important — helping our clients. Client work comes first.