Career stories (2023) – Legal Trainee

Former Legal Trainee and current Associate Ilona
Former Legal Trainee and current Associate Ilona

Who are you and where did you study?

I am Ilona, 25 years old, and I recently graduated from the University of Lapland where I studied at the Faculty of Law. Before my graduation I worked at Krogerus' Insolvency and Restructuring team at the Turku office as a Legal Trainee for a year and a half.

What was the best part about being a trainee at Krogerus?

Definitely the opportunity to deepen my competence, as the difficulty level of work tasks increased with the development of my own knowledge. It´s been rewarding to see how your colleagues trust your skills.

What was the recruitment process like and how did it feel?

The recruitment process was well-organized and smooth. The job interview was conversational, and I had the opportunity to ask about my future team and work tasks, which made the interview a pleasant experience. I was informed of the outcome very shortly and my first day as a Legal Trainee at Krogerus was just a few weeks after the interview.

What did a typical workday look like as a Legal Trainee?

The workdays varied a lot as Legal Trainees get to work closely with the estate administrator at each stage of the insolvency proceedings. A typical day usually included preparation of various legal documents and communication with both the debtor company and various creditors.

Which colleagues did you regularly work with during your trainee period?

Krogerus has an Insolvency and Restructuring team in Helsinki, Turku, and Kuopio. During my traineeship I worked mostly with our associates, but also with our senior associates, assistants, partners, and counsels – so practically with the whole team.

What do you especially appreciate about Krogerus' culture and atmosphere?

I was given a warm welcome at Krogerus, and I got to be part of our teams' projects right from the beginning of my traineeship which I greatly appreciated as a new employee. In my experience Krogerus strives to put effort into the well-being of its employees.

How have you been supported as a young professional at Krogerus?

From the beginning, I have been encouraged to ask for advice when needed at a very low threshold. Trainees work closely with our associates, in addition to which trainees and associates have weekly meetings with our counsel. Furthermore, receiving feedback on performance at work has been important to me.

What has happened in terms of your career since the traineeship ended?

I was offered the opportunity to continue working at Krogerus as an Associate. Moving to a new role brings with it new personal goals, which I am looking forward to.