Career stories (2023) – Knowledge Management Trainee

Knowledge Management Trainee Emma
Knowledge Management Trainee Emma

Who are you and where do you study?

I'm Emma and I work as a Knowledge Management Trainee at Krogerus. I'm currently completing my Master of Laws studies at Åbo Akademi University. I wrote my bachelors thesis on excise taxation and plan to write my masters thesis on dispute resolution.

What has been the best part about being a trainee at Krogerus?

Undeniably the people you get to work with here. Even though it may sound like a cliché, it's really the people who make a workplace great. These people turned work into a blast to the extent that I willingly chose to spend most of my days off at the office studying instead of opting for the library.

What was the recruitment process like and how did it feel?

The recruitment process was straightforward and efficient. The interview was relaxed and felt more like a casual chat, and the decision was communicated promptly, which left me with a positive impression of Krogerus.

What does your typical workday consist of?

One of my favorite aspects of being a Knowledge Management Trainee has been the wide variety of tasks that keep things exciting and fresh every day. From engaging in information retrieval to diving into legal research, I enjoy a dynamic mix of shorter assignments and long-term projects, making each day a unique experience.

Which colleagues have you been working regularly with during your trainee period?

I have had the opportunity to collaborate extensively with various practice groups and office support teams on a wide range of tasks. Through this traineeship, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the firm's operations and got to know a wide array of new faces.

What do you especially appreciate about Krogerus' culture and atmosphere?

What I especially enjoy about the culture is the prevailing "come as you are" mindset. Instead of having to conform to a predetermined mould, there is a genuine acceptance and appreciation for individuality.

How have you been supported as a young professional at Krogerus?

The inclusive and collaborative culture fosters an atmosphere of open communication and teamwork. Working alongside experienced professionals, I have been fortunate to receive their guidance, knowledge, and unwavering support whenever I need it.