Career stories (2023) – Associate Trainee

Associate Trainee Amalia
Associate Trainee Amalia

Who are you and where do you study?

I'm Amalia and I work as an Associate Trainee at Krogerus while studying law at the University of Helsinki. I'm in the final stages of my studies, with only my thesis remaining to be written. In my studies, I have focused on contract and company law. However, during my trainee period, I have become interested in sustainable finance, which is why I chose it as the subject of my thesis.

What has been the best part about being a trainee at Krogerus?

I've been a trainee at Krogerus for almost two years. First, I worked as an Office Support Trainee and now I'm doing my second period as an Associate Trainee in the Real Estate & Construction practice group. The best thing about being a trainee at Krogerus is that I get to learn from experienced lawyers in a supportive atmosphere. In addition, I'm given tasks according to my own skill level, so I get to develop myself all the time. I've also made a lot of friends here, so I was already missing the office when I took a break between traineeships.

What was the recruitment process like and how did it feel?

Before applying, it's important to get to know the different practice groups and choose the one(s) that interests you. The interview will be held by two lawyers from the team you are applying for. In my case, the interviewers were my supervisor and another lawyer from the Real Estate practice. The interview was easy-going, and I learned a lot about the future team. There was a short translation exercise at the end of the interview.

What does your typical workday consist of?

The days vary a lot, as the assignments of an Associate Trainee are very diverse. However, the days usually involve drafting documents, due diligence and attending meetings. Lunch breaks are usually spent on the office terrace.

Which colleagues have you been regularly working with during your trainee period?

Our team operates with a dual focus, where a part of the team is dedicated to real estate assignments and another part concentrates on fund-related responsibilities. I'm interested in both sides, so I get to work with the whole team. The assignments come from everyone from associates to partners. I have also gotten to help the M&A practice and the Energy practice and see how their projects differ from those of the Real Estate team. I work closely with another trainee from the Real Estate practice, so peer support is always available.

What do you especially appreciate about Krogerus' culture and atmosphere?

Krogerus is a very modern and youthful law firm with a relaxed atmosphere and no strict hierarchy. While Krogerus upholds professionalism and high standards of work, it recognizes the importance of healthy work-life balance and open communication. Krogerus also organises a lot of activities out of hours. I have been able to participate in various activities within the team, with the trainee group and with the whole office.

How have you been supported as a young professional at Krogerus?

The whole team gave me a very warm welcome. Learning was effective as I could ask anyone for help, and I always received feedback after the tasks. The trainees have had the opportunity to participate in various seminars and training sessions, which have been useful for our work. I also had my own tutor, who I regularly caught up with over lunch.

What are you planning to do after the traineeship?

After this trainee period, I will start writing my thesis. I can write my thesis at the office, so it's easy to keep in touch with colleagues. After graduation, I will continue working as an Associate in the Real Estate practice group.