Article 3 May 2022

People in Krogerus support Finnish mental health work

This year Krogerus is one of the partners of Mielinauha campaign. Mielinauha is a nationwide campaign organised by MIELI Mental Health Finland. The profits of the campaign are targeted to support for mental health and crisis work in Finland. The campaign will run from 1 April to 30 June 2022. The donation was gathered by our employees through an internal charity campaign.

"The crisis period has put a burden on the mental health of Finns and none of the minds have been made to endure alone. We are particularly pleased by the fact that the donation consisted of Krogerus employees' own donations, which shows your caring and warm working community", says Anette Koivisto, an expert in corporate fundraising from MIELI.

In year 2022, the name of the campaign is "Hope lives". It wants to communicate that even the most difficult life situations can survive. The Mielinauha campaign, which is repeated annually, reminds everyone's right to good mental health and raises funds for mental health work and crisis assistance by MIELI, including refugees in Ukraine and volunteers who support them.

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