Article 4 March 2022

Our new Helsinki office – art, ambiance, and sustainability at the heart

The new Helsinki office of Krogerus, located at Fabianinkatu 9, was designed to create desirable spaces that people look forward to spending time in. For our creative and distinctive people, this meant giving art an extensive role and creating spaces with attractive ambiance and diversity. Sustainable choices were at the heart of the entire planning that led our new home to receive excellent sustainability certifications.

We moved to the newly renovated unique building at the Kasarmitori square in the midst of the pandemic. As the future of office work continues to evolve, it was important for our new environment to have diverse and functional spaces that can offer comforts our people wish to have in their modern office.

Diverse and Harmonious Spaces

The starting point for the new office was to create diverse spaces with attractive ambiance that people are looking forward to staying in. The building’s characteristics and architecture were the source of our inspiration for we wanted to respect the building itself. The versatile floor plan makes it easy to remodel the spaces according to the evolving needs in the future as well.

“Our ambition was to create a cozy environment that makes it both easy to be oneself and welcoming for clients. The harmonious atmosphere was built with the careful choice of materials, colors, and atmospheric lighting that reflect the architecture of the building and Krogerus as a brand”, says Futudesign’s partner and architect Aleksi Niemeläinen.

To build the best possible modern office, our people were invited to be involved in shaping the new premises and developing the operating culture.

"The most important design values for our people turned out to be ambiance, teamwork, and functionality. The new office space is designed in line with our unique culture. A culture that celebrates creativity and individuality has catered for innovation and novel solutions. Not only our talent but also our clients appreciate an aesthetic and inspiring working environment", says our Managing Partner Mårten Knuts.

Art plays an extensive role also in our new premises for we have a long history of cooperation with Helsinki Contemporary. There is a changing representation of contemporary art in our hallway lobby that invites visitors to put down their phones and enjoy a moment in the company of beautiful pieces before entering a meeting.

In addition to the changing exhibition, we wanted to create an artwork that symbolizes our evolving company culture. A mural Bonsai Helsinki created by the Swedish artist Martin Bergström is located in our urban inner yard.

Responsibility in Everyday

In planning and designing the new premises sustainability functioned as a driving force in our desire to make long-lasting choices. Inconsistency with our sustainability targets, the premises at Fabianinkatu 9 have achieved Excellent-level certification according to the BREEAM In-Use assessment. BREEAM is the world's leading sustainability assessment method for buildings, and we are honored to be working in one of the few premises in Finland with Excellent level certification.

In addition, our office has achieved WWF's Green Office certificate. Green Office environmental management program helps us to ensure that not only the premises are ecological, but that we also offer our employees and clients possibilities for responsible everyday choices and that we are committed to continuous improvement.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our new home and thank you for joining us in writing the next chapter of Krogerus.

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