Article 20 November 2012

High praise for Krogerus partners in the latest IFLR1000™

Krogerus partners in the Banking and Finance, Capital Markets and Mergers and Acquisitions practices received high praise in the 2013 edition of IFLR1000, the annual directory of the world’s leading financial law firms.

For our Banking and Finance practice, a client notes that partner Päivi Toivari “knows very well the expectations, she is very pragmatic and it is very easy to work with her… we are very satisfied with Krogerus”.

The recognition also continues for the firm’s Capital Markets practice. IFLR1000 says: “Mårten Knuts gets good reviews from clients for his expertise in securities markets trading laws, insider trading knowledge and regulatory practice. ‘He is also very knowledgeable on legislation throughout the region especially in Sweden and Denmark, so he can help on the non-Finnish perspective,’ says a client, adding that ‘he knows the rules and follows incidences closely so he can describe everything through examples and is great for our dealing room guys as he knows their language. ’”

As for the Mergers and Acquisitions practice, IFLR says: “The firm has two key weapons, one being its capacity and the other being the profile of leading partner Mika Ståhlberg.”

Praise also comes from a client: “Ståhlberg is one of the best M&A lawyers in Finland and apart from him they are one of the firms that have the most depth, so they can provide the rest of the team like partner Marcus Möller, who is good to work with.”

A buy-side client says: “we are very pleased, we’ve done many of deals with them so that’s a good sign, Ståhlberg is a good lawyer and has a good sense of business issues, very pragmatic”. IFLR1000 continues: “The client also recommends Möller.”

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