Article 25 November 2016

Dr Heli Korkka awarded for the best doctoral thesis

Dr Heli Korkka has been awarded for the best doctoral thesis of the year 2015 by the Finnish Lawyers' Association. She completed her doctoral thesis, Quantifying the Illegal Proceeds of Corporate Crime, at the University of Helsinki.

The award reflects the rapidly increasing significance of criminal law in the business environment and the market demand for understanding the anatomy of corporate offences. Dr Korkka has obtained ample experience in the field having a unique skillset combining both theory and practice. Dr Korkka serves as the co-head of Krogerus' compliance, investigations and corporate offences practice area.

The best doctoral thesis award is the most distinguished prize for any doctoral research published in Finland.

Finnish Lawyers’ Association founded in 1898 is a scholarly society, the members of which consist of lawyers across the country, representing academia as well as other branches of legal profession and law students.

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