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“I’m particularly grateful to have got to know so many of you. What I’m sure I will miss most is this community and team of extremely smart, visionary and interesting people. It has been an honour and a true joy working with you, and even if our shared journey has ended, I have made friends for life.”

Krogerus Alumnus

“The past years have brought me loads of great memories of inspiring assignments and shared success stories. It’s not only the accumulated knowledge but the feeling of purpose and belonging that will live on with me. Most of all I will forever cherish the sincere joy I felt while working at Krogerus.”

Krogerus Alumnus

“My journey at Krogerus, which started out as a trainee, has continued up to this date. The time spent at Krogerus has rewarded me with many amazing friends. And it goes without saying that this is definitely what I will miss most.”

Krogerus Alumnus
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