Article 4 February 2020

“Lateral recruitments are always a two-way street.”

I did not follow Krogerus’ traditional trainee path or come in through a public job advertisement. Lateral recruitments like mine are always a two-way street: neither party benefits if the fit is not ideal. In addition to going through the assessments and negotiations that every candidate goes through, we held several face-to-face meetings to make sure the fit was indeed ideal. Although the decision was not an easy one, the opportunity to specialise in IP matters and contribute into the building of a leading IP team with the full support of an organisation like Krogerus were the decisive factors.

I have always find IP law interesting, mostly because the work is so practical. It is not only about the law and most cases require creative thinking and argumentation. At Krogerus, our team has a good level of youth and seniority with varying specialities, interests and characters. The mix is ideal and the energy levels are high. I hope the positive atmosphere shows externally, too, so that our clients know that they can both trust us and enjoy working with us.

An average workday at Krogerus is similar to an average workday in any Finnish business law firm: it’s a lot of drafting and reviewing legal documents, client communication and meetings, and so forth. But I have been surprised by the amount of flexibility that Krogerus as a large firm has been able to offer. It does not matter where and when I work as long as the assignments are being taken care of diligently. This means I get to attend my family, too, and being an attorney at Krogerus is not a choice you make over everything else important in life.

If I could give a piece of advice to an aspiring lawyer, I would tell them to focus on communication. Try to write and speak as clearly and concisely as possible, because the law is complex enough in itself. I would also encourage them to be curious of and try to implement into your own profession every piece of exemplary performance you encounter, be it from other lawyers or business people. This will make you eager to develop and strive for excellence at all times.

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