Article 25 August 2021

"Here, superiors really root for you and celebrate wholeheartedly when you achieve professional milestones."

In retrospect, a career can seem a lot more planned and linear than it did at the time of making one's career choices. So far, mine is no exception.

At university, I had originally opted for political science. I focused on the organisation and efficiency of public health care and even contemplated a career in politics, complete with a brief traineeship as an assistant for a MEP. But then, a single course in administrative law changed my mind. I found myself binge-reading the preparatory works of administrative laws in my spare time. Realising this was in no way normal, I applied to law school.

During my studies I had the chance to work with competition law at another major law firm. I also experienced competition law compliance in action during an internship at KONE in Paris. But the most important push towards my current career came when I participated in the European Law Moot Court -competition. Today, I have had the pleasure to act as a judge in its prestigious regional finals together with brilliant colleagues from around Europe.

Ever since I started to work at Krogerus upon my graduation in 2014, my previous experiences have proven to be surprisingly useful. Not least in assignments relating to the constant hot topic in Finland, the health care reform, or when advising trade associations and lobbyists on competition law and state aid aspects of various legislative changes. In addition to my duties as a moot judge, I also spent a year fulfilling the duty of a civil and criminal court judge in court training at the District Court of Helsinki.

I suppose the connecting thread in all of the above is the balancing of public and private interests. This is also what inspires me in legal reasoning and it is indeed what a competition lawyer does on a daily basis. It also goes to show that the ideals of democracy on the one hand and antitrust on the other are not that far from each other.

On a more practical level, only few things motivate me as much as arguing an opinion, and presenting logical and compelling evidence to support it. At a law firm, you also learn to cut to the chase - it is truly enjoyable to produce advice that near-perfectly clarifies a complicated issue. Call it nerdy, but sometimes, a piece of advice is almost beautiful.

A common misconception with big law firms is that the lawyers that work there are almost aggressively ambitious. Therefore, it could surprise you how supportive and humble the lawyers at Krogerus are. Here, superiors really root for you and celebrate wholeheartedly when you achieve professional milestones.

In addition, "It's not in my job description" is something you practically never hear at a law firm. That really makes a difference in terms of the atmosphere at a workplace.

As a Senior Associate in the Competition & Regulatory group, my work has included complex merger filing assessments, cartel proceedings from scratch and up to the Supreme Administrative Court, advising dominant companies on pricing and use of data as well as state aid proceedings before the European Commission. Thanks to interesting assignments, I have gained a deeper understanding of many industries, with transport and logistics as well as the food supply chain keeping be me busy lately. Although direct client feedback is the most valuable to me, it has also been great to receive recognition in international rankings.

For me personally, working with law means that I get to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles and thought experiments on a regular basis. Competition law can be a pain in the neck even among the most persistent lawyers. Knowing that makes finding solutions feel all the more rewarding.

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