Article 30 October 2020

"Coaching other people is one of the highlights of my everyday work."

I have known since age of twelve that I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. During my studies I realised that I wanted to pursue a career in taxation and started my path at a Big4 accounting firm in one of the tax teams. At that time a career at a law firm didn't seem evident for a tax lawyer. Couple of years passed by and I got curious towards what else a career in taxation had to offer. I was eager to deepen and broaden my expertise and to see how far I could go. That's when I decided to drown my closest friend working at a law firm with questions about life in one and got in touch with other tax lawyers in the field. The more I learned about life and tax lawyer's career path in a law firm, the more it seemed the best way forward. Then I heard Krogerus' Tax team had posted a job advertisement for an open position. I had already heard good experiences of the firm and when the Partner interviewing me talked about the importance of learning, I knew I had found my firm.

What I most like about Krogerus is the atmosphere and the level of professionalism. I loved the feeling when I first realised that it is the utmost important for the team and the firm that I keep developing and learning - that it actually matters for the whole firm. The memory of that moment still gives me goosebumps. At Krogerus I have been able to widen my substance knowledge, learn from and be taught by more experienced colleagues and participate in most versatile projects as I could ever have imagined. The complexity of tax questions is intriguing, and just what I was looking for when decided to take the leap towards Krogerus. I am also able to put my people skills to use while acting as a hiring superior in our Recruitment day and while working as a superior for trainees in our Tax practice. The best feeling at the Recruitment days is when I see our participants growing throughout the day. I also feel proudness and joy when I see our trainee colleagues exceeding themselves. Coaching other people is one of the highlights of my everyday work. Other highlight is when a colleague or a client approaches me for a tax advice. Especially in those moments I can feel the adrenaline kicks in. One of my colleagues once said that if Vilma had to describe her work with just a few words it would be "she makes taxes and taxation more fun and understandable". The atmosphere that we have at the firm makes all of this possible. Our attitude towards learning is that if you have the motivation, anything can be learned.

I have just recently been accepted as a member of the Finnish Bar Association and been promoted to a Senior Associate at our Tax practice at Krogerus. I am most honoured for both of these and truly excited and curious about the future. I can't wait to see what exciting new engagements and adventures await around the corner. As this career path didn't seem the most obvious one when starting my career as a tax lawyer, both of these acknowledgements are today even more special to me.

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